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Full-time RV Living
Rocky Mountain National Park


I love traveling! I mean I really really love traveling so much that my husband and I bought a camper and began the full-time lifestyle. Currently, we are stationary with my husband working the pipeline out in West Texas.

Most of the time we are parked in a campground. I have met some great people sitting around the camp with a cup of hot coffee, chatting. But, the best part of being a full-timer is being able to pick up and move when we want to.

Our Maiden Trip to Flagstaff, Arizona

Come join us on our journey. There is so much beauty waiting for RV’ers. Boondocking is a great way to see some amazing places for little money. Living the Full-Time RV life is not the same as camping. You pull your entire home behind you 24/7 while camping is just a weekend trip to sit around a campfire. Follow us to see what it’s really like.

Designing clothing and products that I’m passionate about, like funny RV sayings, travel mugs, plus-size leggings, and coffee cups is not a job, but a love. I design t-shirts that I wear and travel mugs that I use while traveling down the road.

If you would like to see what full-time RV living is about, then read it HERE.

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